About Sushi by Hidden

With only 10 guests at a time, and a hand-selected 12 piece sushi tasting, Sushi by Hidden...

offers an ultra-exclusive, intimate dining experience that is meticulously curated by chef Chef Jimmy Kieu. Elaborating on the original Hidden Omakase concept, selections will also be made by rotating chef’s from Hidden Omakase, as well as Chef Kieu — all serving each piece at the counter, guiding each guest through this truly original experience.

An Experience to Remember

Building on our original Hidden Omakase application, the menu will change daily depending on the market fish to provide an incredibly unique and adventurous dining experience from beginning to end. You’ll enjoy the rotating NFT gallery in the entrance, and the zen-like sushi counter where you’ll be served tastings from the finest ingredients sourced from Japan and all over the world.

Chef Jimmy Kieu

Chef Jimmy Kieu has made a name for himself in the Houston area with his emphasis on the Japanese cuisine of Sushi.

Starting at a Houston staple, The Fish, Chef Jimmy has been working in the food industry for over 20 years now. What initially started as a server position, by chance, escalated to an opportunity to become a chef. Learning under the owners of The Fish taught Chef Jimmy everything he knew and helped him land the position of head chef at the restaurant. This ultimately lead him to branch out and after six years at The Fish, he left to pursue other opportunities which included being the head chef at RA Sushi in Highland Village, KA Sushi and The Blind Goat, to name a few.

Now Chef Jimmy will be bringing his two decades’ worth of experience to Sushi by Hidden. Ever learning, Chef Jimmy is excited to blend his technique with this new and intimate style of dining making its way across Houston. “I really appreciate the concept, atmosphere and clientele that Sushi by Hidden brings and I’m glad to be a part of such an innovative operation”, says Chef Jimmy.